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Project Summary

The project will install 6 water hand pumps in Tsiekuru Village. This is in addition to 7 pumps installed in phase I & II. 2,800 individuals plus 1,500 herds of cattle and 4,000 goats which form the prime livelihood in this arid and semi-arid region will enjoy access safe drinking water from the donations made by well wishers. Women will be saved from walking long distances, outbreaks of cholera will reduce and young girls will concentrate in their education.

Community Problem
Tsiekuru Village is a semi-arid area which is almost dry throughout the year. Over 2,500 individuals (mostly women and girls) have to walk long distances with their donkeys in search of water.The major sources of water are mud holes sunk on dry river beds, water from these sources are dirty and most of the times contaminated and cause diseases such as cholera. Women loose time to engage in economic activies and girls miss classes as thet engage in water search expeditions.

A total of 8 shall wells and hand pumps will be installed to supplement the 5 installed in phase 1 through the support of Senator Mason and Mad Imports. The project will ehance acess to clean save and clean drinking water to 2,500 individuals (560 families) plus their 1,500 herds of cattle and 4,000 goats.

Long-Term Impact
To enhance sustainability locals will be trained on how to services the pumps. A commitee will be formed to manage the pumps and will charge a small maintenace fee for those wetting their livestock, household use will be free. The intervention benefit 2,500 villagers with acess to clean drinking water and approximately 1,500 heards of cattle and 4,000 goats.

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